Date Updated: 2020/02/06

Purchasing Goods
  1. As some prices are available only to registered members, please login the account to see all product prices. You will not be able to see all prices, if you do not login or have not registered an account.
  2. The original price of goods, discount and the actual selling price will be displayed on the webpage with remarks of shipping included or not. Any other extra charges will also display clearly on the product page.
  3. Back in stock notification: When the product is back in stock, we will notify you according to the method you selected (Email / SMS) at the time. Please note that this notification does not guarantee stock availability at the time of purchase.

Shopping Cart
  1. You can add desirable products to the "shopping cart” and checkout any time. If you have not logged in or registered an account, the products added to the "shopping cart" will be removed in 28 days.
  2. When there are many color options for the product, the color blocks appeared on the product page are only general color references for the product rather than the actual product colors. Please refer to the images on the product page pictures for the actual colors.
  3. You can enter the "Product Details", "Product Description" and "Specifications" sections for all the details of the product.

  1. You need to login the account before you checkout the products.
  2. The system will automatically verify the validity of your membership card before checkout. When your membership is expired, if you are a primary card or family card member, you may renew your membership on membership card renewal page and continue checking out; if you are a Business membership secondary card member, you cannot checkout until the Business membership account primary card member has renewed his/her membership.
  3. You can make the payment only after all checkout information is filled out.

Payment Method
  1. Costco online shopping uses Cathay United Bank platform for payment operations and accepts online payment ONLY through Cathay Bank Costco Co-Branded Card, Cathay Bank Visa Debit Card, CitiBank Costco Co-Branded Card issued in U.S., Costco Co-Branded Card issued in Japan, Costco Co-Branded Card issued in China, Costco Co-Branded Card issued in Korea and Costco Co-Branded Card issued in Canada.
  2. Members agree to read through Cathay United Bank's privacy policies before being redirected to Cathay United Bank online payment platform from Costco website, and return to Costco website after completing the payment.
  3. Please contact the original card-issuing bank for issues related to credit card transaction, authorization and verification.
  4. To avoid payment disruption, after entering the Cathay United Bank payment page, please do not leave the page until the transaction is completed.
  5. To avoid being repeating credit card charges, please follow the payment instructions by the Cathay United Bank payment page to complete the payment. Do not click the "confirm" button repeatedly while waiting for the page to load.
  6. Payment divided by 6 installments is only available for Cathay United Bank Costco Co-branded Credit Card, and requires the purchase of more than 10,000 NTD for a single item, which shall be checked out separately upon checkout.

Purchaser Information
  1. When you make your first purchase, you need to fill in purchaser information before you check out. After that, you may click "Edit"feature at "My Address List" to update your contact information.
  2. Click"Edit"feature at "My Address List" to update your contact information, phone number and address.

  1. There are four available categories of choices for invoices, i.e. "electronic uniform invoice", "electronic uniform invoice in paper format (paper invoice)", "electronic uniform invoice in paper format with GUI number (triplicate invoice)",and "donate invoice"
  2. "Electronic invoice carrier": you may chooseCostco carriernatural person receipt carrier and mobile phone carrier.。When you click "electronic invoice account"feature, you will be redirected to Ministry of Finance E-invoice Platform to operate your account for various carriers on that platform. Please read the privacy policy of that platform before you click it.
  3. If you wish to choose natural person or mobile phone carrier, you need to insert the carrier barcode applied and downloaded from the Ministry of Finance E-invoice Platform. When you finish member invoice carrier account on the Ministry of Finance E-invoice Platform, regardless of which carrier you choose, the platform shall operate invoice lucky-draw and reward winning notification, and we cannot send any relevant notifications. If you fail to complete invoice carrier account, we will notify you thereof. After the Ministry of Finance E-invoice Platform provides the winner list on the 28th day of each odd-numbered month, paper copy of rewarded invoices will be sent to you within 10 working days and with an e-mail notification at the same time.
  4. "Donate invoice": If you choose to donate invoices, you may insert “,social welfare organization charity code” to donate invoices to specific organizations. If no organization is specified, all donation invoices will go to United Way. Regardless of what organizations you choose for donation, you are not able to see the invoice number of donated invoices.
  5. "Paper invoice": for environmental protection, please select electronic invoice as much as possible. If paper invoice is required, we will mail it to your designated recipient within 5 working days after the issuance of invoice.
  6. "Triplicate invoice": Please fill in all relevant information. We will mail the invoice to your designated recipient within five working days after invoicing
  7. Within 2 working days after the order is confirmed, the system will automatically issue a unified invoice and e-mail proof of purchase to you. You may check the invoice number in "My Order Details" click the invoice number and link to the page of proof of purchase.
  8. For any reason if an invoice is to be reissued as paper invoice, we will invalidate said invoice and reissue “computerized uniform invoices”and the original invoice would not be used to claim rewards.
  9. According to Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices, when a computerized uniform invoice is issued, it should not be changed or reissued as computerized uniform invoice without legitimate reason.。
  10. If GUI number posted on a triplicate invoice is wrong and re-issuance of invoice is required, members should send back the triplicate invoice affixed with the set of company chops and its responsible person chop for issuance of new invoice (in a computerized uniform invoice format) with accurate GUI number.

Delivery Time
  1. We do not accept appointed time for parcel delivery. The usual delivery time is 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. Some areas may have Saturday delivery.
  2. If the recipient is unavailable to receive parcel delivery in the stated time, Logistic company or Vendor will contact recipient or purchaser for alternative delivery time. Except for some products, Logistic company or Vendor will attempt maximum 3 times within 7 business days.
  3. If parcel delivery is unable to complete within 7 business days, we will contact Logistic company or Vendor to cancel the delivery, and inform the recipient from our member service center to cancel the order and refund the payment.
  4. For large item orders, the recipient needs to confirm the delivery time with Logistic company or Vendor within 14 days. If the delivery is unable to complete within 30 days, we will inform the recipient from our member service center to cancel the order and refund the payment according to the terms and conditions.
  5. The estimated delivery date is only an approximation, and the actual delivery date will depend on actual delivery operations. Your kind understanding of any inconvenience is much appreciated. If there is any inconsistency.
  6. Delivery status information are not provided by some dropship vendors or logistics companies, hence may not be available.

Order Confirmation and Delivery
  1. Once you complete an online order,the website will automatically generate an order number and send e-mail or SMS for you. You may review the order details and processing status at "My Order"
  2. After the order is confirmed, the order status shows as "Confirmed" and the "Cancel Order" option appears on the same page. You may cancel your order within 30 minutes after the order is confirmed.
  3. 30 minutes after the order is confirmed, the system will process the order at our order processing center, and your order status will show as "Processing". In-process orders may not be cancelled, but you will be able to return merchandise under our return policy and process.
  4. After the processing center, the order will then be transferred to the logistics companies for shipping and the order status will show as "Shipped"
  5. When your order is on delivery, the system will automatically e-mail you the order shipment notification.
  6. When the order processing center transfers the order to the logistics company, you can check the logistics company name and the tracking number at Shipping Status under "My Order" Click on the tracking number and you will be redirected to the logistics company website to track your order or connected to customer service staff of the Website. You may check shipping status. Please read the logistics company's privacy policy before redirecting.
  7. It is possible that one order with multiple items may be shipped by different logistics companies or directly from the product suppliers. Different delivery will show different tracking numbers at "My Order", and products in one order may be delivered at different times.
  8. In order to protect our members' personal information, part of the recipient's name will be masked on the shipping label of your order, and the recipient's full name will not be displayed. Your kind understanding of a potential delivery inconvenience is much appreciated.
  9. If you need warranty book to be stamped, please bring your membership card, warranty book and proof of purchase (e.g. invoice, package details, which are able to prove that goods were purchased at Costco website) to your nearest Costco stores to apply. For members who live at remote areas, please contact our customer service for assistance. Customer service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30 am - 9:30 pm, customer service direct line: (02)7705-9688.