一、如何成為好市多供應商 New Vendor Product Proposal

謝謝您的新品提案,為幫助我們了解您的公司和產品,請填寫以下問題並提供相關資訊以加快評估過程。請提供您的公司電子郵件地址,公司聯絡人姓名和公司聯絡電話以便進一步連絡。如果您希望不再成為貴公司的聯絡人,請告訴我們,我們將刪除記錄,但若未提供替代聯絡人,我們將無法繼續產品評估流程。待收到您的提報商品資訊後,我們將於2-4周內回覆您。如有任何問題,歡迎於上班時間(週一至週五,9:00-17:00)聯絡詢問,聯絡電話02-8791-9988分機#725, #726, #727。新品提案,歡迎透過好市多新品提報提案。

Dear Vendors:
Thank you for the new product proposal.To help us understand your company and product(s), please fill out the following questions and help provide information to expedite the evaluation process. Please provide your company email address, company contact person name and company contact number for further communication. If you no longer want to be the contact for your company, please let us know and we will remove you from our records; however, if a replacement is not provided, we will not be able to proceed with the process.
After receiving your product information, we will reply to you within 2-4 weeks. Should you have any question, please contact us at +886-2-8791-9988 Ext.725, #726, #727(Monday to Friday 9am - 17pm Taipei local time).
Welcome to fill out New Product Proposal form.

二、新品提案需知 New Product Notice


  • 品質要求


  • 報價要求

    - FOB製造工廠 / 或運送至指定物流中心交貨。
    - 配送至消費者處。
    - 電子轉帳(EFT)是我們優先選擇的付款方式。

  • 包裝要求


  • 產品類別

    賣場商品 - 持續不斷地供應好市多會員其日常營業或個人所需的商品。
    尋寶商品 - 會不定期在賣場或是網路僅出現一次的商品。這些商品代表高價值、高形象的商品類別。
    季節性商品 - 會在每年特定時間販售的商品。

  • 採購報價



New products are always welcome. In the interest of your time, and the time of our buyers, we recommend that you review the following buying specification worksheet:

  • Quality

    High-quality merchandise guaranteed by our suppliers to maintain Costco's reputation and member satisfaction.
    No seconds.
    National brands where feasible.
    Where national brands do not reflect optimum quality and value, private label will be considered.
    Private-label merchandise specification guaranteed by our suppliers to maintain Costco’s reputation and member satisfaction.

  • Pricing

    Item presentation should always represent lowest possible acquisition price. Item presentations should include a breakdown of all built-in costs, demos, spoils, advertising and marketing volume, rebates, and opening deals.
    A complete freight evaluation of all methods of product distribution should be included in each presentation:
    - FOB manufacturing plant / distribution center.
    - Delivered to our customers.
    - Our preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  • Packaging

    Packaging is to be environmentally friendly, and must comply with Taiwan packaging regulations.

  • Product Categories

    Wholesale items carried on an ongoing basis where our wholesale members are relying on Costco to supply their daily business needs.
    Treasure hunt items – items that may appear on a one-time basis in selected warehouses or online. These items represent high-value, high-image categories.
    Seasonal items – items carried during a particular time of the year.

  • Purchasing Quotes

    We expect all vendors to consistently and voluntarily quote the lowest possible acquisition price available on all items. A vendor who does not consistently and voluntarily quote its lowest prices to our buyers will be permanently discontinued as a purchasing source for Costco.