According to Personal Information Act as well as any related laws and acts, Costco President Taiwan Inc., in order to delivering discount and other related information by E-Mail, will collect, process, and apply your E-Mail address in sending the E-mail for the purpose above and data analysis. The E-mail address which you provide above, due to the necessity of business operations, will be processed and used by be stored as electronic based format as within Taiwan. as well as countries where IT Services offered and data center located.

Based on the requirements of Taiwan. related laws and acts as well as international personal information protection laws and acts, Please read the privacy statement and personal information protection statement of Costco President Taiwan Inc. carefully. After reading those two statements mentioned above, please check the box of “Agree”, and then Costco President Taiwan Inc. will be able to deliver discount and other related information by E-Mail. Furthermore, if you wish to understand the detailed information regarding the process and use of your personal information, please contact the Costco President Taiwan Inc. Also, if you wish to or modify your E-mail Address or stop this service, please click the button of “I do not want to receive the discount and other related information from E-mail .“ button on the official website of Costco President Taiwan Inc. .

Due to any reason, if you fail to provide your correct personal information to Costco President Taiwan, you may not be able to use this service

Privacy protection is one of the top priorities of Costco President Taiwan Inc. If you need further information regarding our privacy and personal information announcement, please see "Personal Information Protection Announcement".